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SL Track Roller Design
Touch Screen Controller
Bluetooth Connection for Speaker
12 Unique Auto-programs
6 Massage Styles
Zero Gravity Position
Foot roller
5 Levels of Speed, Strength & Intensity
Auto Timer 5-30 min Options
Hip Air Massage
LED Chromo
Multi Language Menu - Eng, Chinese, Spanish, French
Ache Point Detecting Massage

$ 5,299.99
You Save:
$ 1,000.00

The Osaki Pro Alpina is equipped with a total of 22 airbags making it 
one of the most efficient and reliable air massaging systems in the industry. 
The latest models have reduced the total number of airbags 
while increasing the coverage. The more individual airbags there are, 
the more working parts it requires. The airbags are made from
the latest technology, allowing for the airbags to contour to the body 
an evenly distributing the pressure.



 The Osaki Pro Alpina has combined both the 
S & L track systems to deliver an incredibly consistent massage. 
Before initiating any preset program, the chair will conduct a body scan 
and map the key areas of the neck and back to ensure a consistent amount of pressure 
while applying the massage. The scanning technology will also detect the user’s shoulders height, 
which can be recalibrated once the scan is complete. 
If the user desires a higher or lower starting point, 
they will have 10 seconds after the scan is complete to adjust.