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Zero Gravity Position

The Zero Gravity position was first pioneered to reduce spinal compression for astronauts. The Inner Balance Wellness Jin reclines from 115° to 160°, the optimal zero gravity position which reduces stress and tension while improving your circulation. At the touch of a button, you are able to cycle through 3 stages of Zero Gravity.​

Inner Balance Jin Massage Chair

L-Track Design

The L-Track design of the Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair will reach from your neck, down your back, and underneath your glutes. The Body Scan makes sure that the 50” track featuring a quad style massage head, to remove tension from your back and provide therapeutic relief, massages right where you need it.

You Save:
$ 4999.99
$ 3699.99


Shiatsu Calf Massager

Mechanical calf massagers are one of the newer technologies in massage chairs. A roller on the back side of the calf will massage the calf muscle to reduce soreness and increase blood circulation. The airbags of the ottoman will help to hold your legs in place while the calf massager does it work.

Adjustable Shoulder Massage

Massage chairs with shoulder airbags often are not adjustable leaving taller people at a disadvantage. The Jin is equipped with an adjustable shoulder section that allows the massage chair to accommodate people between 5'0" to 6'5".​

Air Compression Massage

The Inner Balance Wellness Jin massage chair is equipped with 42 airbags located in the arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet. The Pulse Air Massage system stimulates muscle fibers and enhances circulation. The compression will help to relax your body while providing relief to painful areas.​


​The perfect massage chair that does everything. The Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair offers a quad-roller back massage, multi-region heater, zero gravity, full body air massage, and the ability to fit multiple user body sizes with it special height accommodation technology. The shoulder head adjustment system is innovative and when coupled with the leg extension allows the chair to accommodate taller individuals with the ease that have struggled to find chairs that before. This is the true chair that does everything you want it to, with unique features and a reasonable cost.